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146 ArtSpace 2010 gallery program

Past Exhibitions

Laura Mccusker

Laura McCusker
The Spaces Inbetween
1 April - 20 May 2010

The Spaces Inbetween features new contemporary works by Tasmanian furniture designer and maker, Laura McCusker, which explores the interplay between art, design and furniture. The works are developed from prototypes made during her participation in the Vitra Design Workshop in France (2009), and from furniture designed for the MONA Pavilions at Moorilla Estate (2009).The Spaces Inbetween is an opportunity to preview Laura's innovative furniture prior to her exhibition in the Victorian Design Festival, showcasing the best of Australian designers in July 2010.

Photograph: Peter Howard


Derek Hart

River Levels
Derek Hart
24 May - 28 June 2010

River Levels is the culmination of Derek Hart's Australia Council, Inter-Art Connections Residency, which has been hosted by Hydro Tasmania. His digital video works document water flow in the state’s rivers, lakes and catchment areas. The work expresses concerns relating to moving image and installation art practice, and issues concerning the natural environment. Further work from the residency is presented in the exhibition Lake Levels at The Barn, Rosny - exhibition opens 5.30pm Thursday 17th June, exhibition open to public 18th June - 11th July inclusive, opening hours 11 - 4 Tues - Fri, 12 - 4 Sat, Sun. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.


Raef Sawford

Raef Sawford

December 22 - 5 January

The work in connect/dis/connect explores the potential of expanding screen-based work beyond the traditionally passive viewing modes of television and cinema. By manipulating the image through varying devices and conventions such as looping, fragmenting, merging and combining, Raef's work aims to highlight the present as a hub of potential – a place where the reconnection of authentic and meaningful experience might occur – something that has become increasingly elusive in a media-saturated culture.

Photograph: Laura Harper


Van Wonderland

Van Wonderland
mysterious works of craft
6 January - 19 February 2010

Van Wonderland features ten emerging craft practitioners whose work re-imagines colonial perceptions of Tasmania (Van Diemen's Land) as a strange wonderland.

Curated by Astrid Wootton from the Tasmanian Wood Design Collection the exhibition explores the fantastical and playful through handmade craft and design.

The exhibition explores a mysterious world of not-quite-real objects and creatures, based upon historic western perceptions of Tasmania ('Van Diemen's Land') as a distant and little-known island at the far reaches of the globe. This 'new world', full of strange and exotic flora and fauna, could be by turns beautiful and sinister – just as the strange Wonderland explored so famously by Lewis Carroll's Alice.

Participating Artists
Tara Badcock, Cat-Rabbit, Vikashni Moyle, Erin Tappe, Helen Goninon, Anita Dineen, Megan Perkins, Hideyo, Maya McDonell and Sam Beckman.

This exhibition was supported by CAST.

Photograph: Laura Harper

Luna Kanalaritja
Tasmanian Aboriginal Jewellery
22 February - 26 March 2010

Tasmanian Aboriginal women have made and worn shell necklaces for thousands of years. The knowledge and skills used in their creation has been handed down through the families for many generations mainly by the women in the Furneaux Islands, a group of 52 islands in the North East of Tasmania.

Traditional necklaces are still made and worn but today's makers have added contemporary work to their craft including shell earrings, chokers and bracelets as well as necklaces made from echidna quills.

Luna Kanalaritja brings together the work of nine Tasmanian Aboriginal Jewellery makers to showcase both the traditional techniques and distinctive individual styles of shell necklace making.

Past Events


Vitra 10x10
29 April 2010

Arts Tasmania's international partnership with Vitra Design Museum and CIRECA funds a Tasmanian designer to attend an international design workshop at Domaine de Boisbuchet, in the southwest of France.

146 ArtSpace was delighted to stage a 10x10 presentation from three alumni of Domaine de Boisbuchet seminars: Poppy Taylor (Arts Tasmania, Vitra Design Museum Fellow 2008), Jude Abell (Arts Tasmania, Vitra Design Museum Fellow 2009) and Laura McCusker.

The 10x10 was an opportunity of the arts and design community to hear about the different experiences of these three designers who all spoke to ten slides for ten minutes.




Islet Launch
16 March 2010

On March 16 2010, 146 ArtSpace hosted the launch of Islet: a free online journal of small works from emerging writers and visual artists.

Islet is an initiative of Island magazine who has a proud tradition of literary variety and excellence, and has been publishing a quarterly print journal since 1979. In 2010 Island is launching itself into the world of digital publishing by developing and supporting Islet, its online publishing space.

Islet's first issue online at published a collection of works by visual artist Ron Moss, and commissioned twelve writers of poetry and prose to respond to Ron's work.

Islet was officially launched by Danielle Wood. For further information contact: Anica Boulanger-Mashberg, Editor by email at:

Photograph: Laura Harper