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146 ArtSpace 2011 gallery program



Trace Elements
Photographs by Luke Gregory and Sean Fennessy
17 December – 4 February 2011


Sean Fennessy and Luke Gregory's photographs are full of people who aren’t in them.


We see in their suburban Tasmanian landscapes and domestic vistas the remnants of absent causes and unseen practices. These images do not capture 'decisive moments', but rather their fading traces.


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Julia Castiglioni-Bradshaw
7 February – 4 March 2011

In this solo exhibition of paintings, Hobart-based artist Julia Castiglioni-Bradshaw explores the activity of painting through abstraction.


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Installation by Ritchie Ares Doña    
7 March – 8 April 2011


Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm
Saturday 26 March 2011, 12 noon until 5pm
Sunday 27 March 2011, 12 noon until 5pm


Opening event:
5pm on Thursday, 10 March 2011


Arts Tasmania is pleased to present Puso as part of Ten Days on the Island's visual arts program for 2011.


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New Work
Carey Merten
11 April – 6 May 2011


Carey Merten exhibits an impressive suite of minimal paintings in her fist Tasmanian solo show New Work at 146 ArtSpace.

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on the Island (we are all in this together)
Richard Skinner 
9 May – 10 June 2011   


In 2007 Tasmanian furniture designer Richard Skinner undertook an Arts Tasmania funded Natural and Cultural residency in Currie on King Island for a period of two months where he engaged in a locally-focussed design project using salvaged materials.


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NEW AGE: NEW MEDIA – Australia-China connections
Curated by Reg Newitt
13 June – 15 July 2011


The New Age, New Media is a cultural exchange project that explores how contemporary video artists portray aspects of the social and cultural life of two very different countries – China and Australia. 


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Designed Objects Tasmania 
18 July – 19 August 2011

SpringBOARD will showcase the results of Designed Objects Tasmania (DOT) Springboard Scholarship Program funded by Arts Tasmania and awarded in 2010 to emerging designer/makers Duncan Meerding and Zach Sonstegaard.


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Sara Maher
22 August - 23 September 2011


In-Land: Memories of Space, features the work of Tasmanian artist Sara Maher and her response to two inland Tasmanian locations - Lake St Clair and Queenstown. 

The body of work that makes up In-Land was created during an Arts Tasmania Wilderness Residency at Lake St Clair and a Landscape Art Research Queenstown (LARQ) residency. 


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Iteration: Again
John Vella
Curated by Jane Stewart
25 September - 15 October 2011


Iteration:Again is the second project in CAST’s International Art Program. For Iteration:Again Curatorial Director David Cross (NZ) was commissioned to travel to Tasmania to research and develop a project that includes the work of Tasmanian artists and curators working in a contemporary frame and an international context.

An Iteration: Again exhibition project - BEST PRACTICE involves cutting circular pieces out of the hundreds of artworks that comprise John Vella’s entire 1996-2010 oeuvre. The works will then be made available for sale and distribution for one day each week, over a three week period.

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Left Overs
Penny Malone and Shaz Harrison-Williams
20 October – 18 November 2011 


Hobart artists Penny Malone and Shaz Harrison-Williams have been collaborating for many years to produce quirky fashion and homeware designs that explore themes of consumerism, popular culture and recycling.


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Paul Snell


Afterglow showcases the creative potential of digital image making in this series of non-representational digital prints.

In Paul's first solo exhibition he investigates the transformation of photographic modes of production and explores the possibilities of abstraction in new media.

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