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on the Island (we are all in this together) 
Richard Skinner  
9 May – 10 June 2011




In 2007 Tasmanian furniture designer Richard Skinner undertook an Arts Tasmania funded Natural and Cultural residency in Currie on King Island for a period of two months where he engaged in a locally-focussed design project using salvaged materials.


This residency on King Island sparked the beginning of an ongoing creative dialogue with the community where he developed strong ties with the island that continues to inspire his design practice today.


On the Island showcases a range of functional objects designed and produced by Richard that directly refer to King Island through his sustainable approach to the creation of the work and also by way of his choice of materials, which have been sourced directly from the island.


Richard has deliberately taken a locally-focussed approach to producing his design objects by using previously unrecognised or raw materials such as cuttlefish shells, plastic milk cartons, kelp and Cray pots as artistic resources. The materials he explored on King Island were discards from the Island’s industries and businesses, costal rubble and local landfill.


“From costal debris, tip salvaging and materials donated by local businesses, the objects in this exhibition express a desire to care more for our environment and a gratefulness for the generosity and creativity of the community” Richard says.


“I found on the island that utilizing discarded materials, fixing and adapting, and ‘making do’ is a tradition island residents have always done out of necessity.”


On the Island presents a number of sophisticated design objects that consider the environmental, economic and aesthetic demands of island culture.
Richard hopes that people will stop and consider: “The benefits and sense of making better use of existing resources through design, which applies to not only small island communities but to a broader context, on any island, continent (or planet).”


on the Island (we are all in this together) is on show at 146 ArtSpace from 9 May – 10 June 2011.


Image: Craypot Seat, 2007 - Richard Skinner
Photograph: Courtesy of the artist