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16 February 2012 - 15 March 2012


Megan Perkins is a multitalented Tasmanian creative who works across a variety of mediums including jewellery, graphic design, sculpture and photography.

WE WERE NEVER MODERN explores the dichotomy between the romanticised notion of the pristine landscape and the reality of the Tasmanian environment as a multi-faceted, evolving ecosystem.

Megan investigates our ongoing dialogue with our natural environments through her seductive large-scale images of seemingly untouched wilderness spaces.

The objects exhibited are fashioned from both found and repurposed organic matter such as feathers, bones, branches as well as materials such as vitreous enamel on copper and metalwork.

“My intention is to encourage my audience to question the notion of wilderness and reconsider how we engage with and value our natural environment” Megan says.

She explores our often conflicting relationship with our natural environments through the documentation of the landscape and the collection of botanical and zoological specimens. The deliberate inclusion of this human residue in her works according to Megan reflects “our ‘wilderness’ as an unquiet space, where the land has been influenced, manipulated, and occasionally exploited.”

In 2007 Megan was the winner of the Dombrovskis award for a young Tasmanian photographer continuing the spirit of Peter Dombrovskis' work.



Image: Outland
Photograph courtesy of the artist