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Metamorfosis  - Nicole O’Loughlin

12 January 2012 - 9 February 2012


In Metamorfosis, emerging artist Nicole O’Loughlin presents a series of prints created whilst on a residency at Proyecto ‘ACE in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

In 2009, Nicole graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Hobart School of Art majoring in printmaking. Completing part of her undergraduate studies at the Universidad de Complutense in Madrid, Nicole began working on Metamorphosis, an evolving series of prints that could be reworked and reprinted with new layers, inspired by her time in different geographical locations.

In April 2011, after receiving assistance through Arts Tasmania’s Artsbridge fund, Nicole undertook a three week residency at Proyecto 'ACE in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Nicole’s experience in Argentina challenged her creative practice through exposure to different artistic environments. Studying at the Proyecto ‘ACE Printmaking Studio under the guidance of Master Printer Adrianna Moracci, Nicole learned processes that enabled her to create work that could evolve in a natural, yet organised way.
Inspired by her time at the studio, Nicole reworked and reprinted new photolithographic layers, adding depth to the surfaces of the original Metamorphosis series.

“Based on rust, I use patterns, textures and colours to create a series of symmetrical prints that are presented as wallpaper installations. The prints incorporate the organic process of rust as a visual metaphor for decomposition and transformation, specifically the transition that takes place when people allow themselves to be immersed in a foreign culture and language.”

In this body of work Nicole uses texture and colours inspired by rust and decomposing matter to create a series of wallpaper installations.

Metamorfosis examines the macro environment of the world around us, challenging classical notions of beauty in a new light.


Exhibition continues at 146 ArtSpace until 9 February 2012.


Image: (Detail)
Photograph courtesy of the artist