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146 ArtSpace 2013 gallery program


10/01/2013 - 7/02/2013

Lindsay Arnold

Music Sound Pictures: a career retrospective of L.R. Nold

Note on Nawlins by L.R. NoldLinzee Arnold is a painter, artist, musician/drummer, actor, comedian, cartoonist, archivist, local legend and scallywag. This exhibition of Linzee's work is a rare and unique opportunity to get an insight into the work of this prolific and inspirational Tasmanian artist. The exhibition will be part of the MONA FOMA festival and will run at 146 ArtSpace from 10 January to 7 February 2013. 





14/02/2013 - 7/03/2013

Designed Objects Tasmania

SPRUNG Featuring: Lachlan Taylor & Dhab studios – Alec Balcombe and David Houbaer

Cabinet (left) photographer: Lachlan Taylor; Ceramic Piece (right) photographer: Osborne Images.Each year dot. offers Springboard Scholarships to support new and emerging designers make the transition from student to design practitioner. It is a year that offers studio space in the dot. workshop, mentors, professional development sessions and the support of a design community. The 2012 Springboarders have now ‘SPRUNG’ and this exhibition celebrates the work developed by them during their scholarship. SPRUNG feature artists are: Lachlan Taylor & Dhab studios – Alec Balcombe and David Houbaer.


14/03/2013 - 11/04/2013

Nadine Kessler


Artwork: ©Nadine Kessler, Photo: Peter WhyteNadine Kessler is a German born, Hobart based typographer whose fascination lies within the form of letters, the visualisation of language and its history. Through art she explores the concept of language, the role it plays in culture and how it is part of one’s identity. She is fascinated by the tightrope walk between understanding and misunderstanding.

Nadine will present a solo exhibition that will include an interactive part in which the audience is invited to wear a "Gugel". Several exhibition visits are encouraged to witness the expansion of portraits and people's stories.

This project is supported by the Tasmanian Government and Goethe Institute Australia
Visit for more info


18/04/2013 - 16/05/2013

10 Objects – 10 Stories: Celebrating Community Collections

Slipper Bath, Tasmanian Wool Centre, circa 1850s

10 Objects – 10 Stories: Celebrating Community Collections is an inaugural exhibition initiative of Arts Tasmania’s Roving Curators.  The exhibition will be shown at 146 Artspace, 146 Elizabeth Street, Hobart as part of the 2013 Tasmanian Heritage Festival celebrations and also in conjunction with the 2013 Australian Heritage Week 13 April – 21 April. 

The exhibition will feature selected objects and their accompanying stories, from various small museums/collections around the state.  The main aim of the exhibition is to celebrate the important role that the community museum sector plays as story tellers and custodians of our state’s unique cultural heritage.


23/05/2013 - 20/06/2013

Yvette Watt

Animal Factories

Yvette Watt - Untitled (from the Animal Factories series), 2012, giclee print on Ilford Satin paper, 80 x 120cm

Yvette Watt has been actively involved in animal advocacy since the mid-1980s, and her artwork is heavily informed by her activism and her interest in the changing nature of human-animal relations. Her artwork also reflects an interest in the relationship between how nonhuman animals are depicted and what this might have to say about how these animals are thought about and treated. Related to this is an interest in the role that art can play in engaging the viewer with social and/or political issues. At 146 ArtSpace Yvette will exhibit large-scale photographs of factory farms from around Australia.


Anita Bacic

Wind/ing (working title)

Bacic - video still from ovaj kaze‘Wind/ing’ will be a moving image kinetic sculptural installation. The artists says of this, “my practice centres on exploring works that question our perceptions of our constructed environments; in ‘Wind/ing's’ case the constructed concepts behind symbolic imagery. The process of animation is of importance as a further examination of construction. In both cases there is an encouragement of reflection and meditation on the creation of the moving/still image in front of us. ‘Wind/ing’ is a deconstruction of what we see, and how we perceive images, moving and still”.

Wind/ing has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.



27/06/2013 - 25/07/2013

Andy Vagg

This is not a pile of bricks

Andy Vagg - the physical impossibility of choice in the mind of the consumer_video cassette tapes, tables, television, video cassette recorder chair, shelf, carpet, 146 artspace, 2012

This exhibition is based on the artists AIR 2013 project. Andy will guide a group of college students through a professional art process of developing conceptual artworks for an exhibition in the 146 ArtSpace. Andy says, ‘I intend to lead a group of college students through a series of workshops exploring the ideas and meanings behind conceptual art. They will learn the beginnings of conceptual art from modernism to postmodernism, and the place it has in contemporary art practice in the twenty-first century. The students will then be supported through a professional art practice process to develop a conceptual framework for artwork/s which will then enter into a group exhibition in the 146 ArtSpace. During this process the students will be expected to explore new art forms, particularly those outside the traditional art forms, like new media, performance, and rubbish art.’


01/08/2013 - 29/08/2013

Serena Rosevear / Patrick Sutczak (curators)


Serena Rosevear, untitled (2011)

Enucleo will exhibit a range of work representing contemporary Australian ceramic art practice and will seek to challenge the audience to re-imagine the ceramic medium outside the realms of objectification. The title Enucleo is a Latin word, more commonly known as a medical term in the form of Enucleation that means ‘to remove without rupture’, in essence to take something away without further, if any, detriment. By applying this term to the notions of presentation and perception of contemporary ceramic practice, Enucleo aims to confront ideas about the ceramic medium and how cultural understanding of object, form, function, and presentation is constructed.


5/09/2013 - 3/10/2013

Sue Pickering

Land, Water, Sky

Susan Pickering - Over, under; voices 50x120cm 2011

Sue Pickering will present an exhibition of prints, monochrome and colour, developed from a residency at Lake St Clair in 2012. She says, ‘Land, water, sky. Sometimes the boundaries are clear-cut, sometimes merging, evanescent. The light has the fierce clarity of a cold, sunny, winter’s day, with the high contrast of the light, and the shadows, the low angle of the sun in the North. Or the light dances, casting mesmerizing shadows on the water, or on the snow. There is the drama of the transition of cold fronts, the noise of high winds: in the trees, on the lake. Then the still mornings, mist rising from the cold water, boundaries blurred again.’


10/10/2013 - 7/11/2013

Tracey Cockburn

Unreliable evidence

Tracey Cockburn - Dream Sequence 2010 Digital print on archival rag paper

Tracey Cockburn’s practice has developed from a background in printmaking and has explored a variety of media and techniques from traditional printmaking processes, digital imaging, paper construction, printing on a variety of substrates and challenging the notion of the traditional framed print with large scale installation style works. She has worked over many years with a variety of found objects, materials and surfaces which have come to evoke memory, forgotten histories and a sense of place. Tracey will exhibit a new body of work using digital print techniques that explores loss and discovery, the forgotten and remembrance, solitude and place.


Lee Harper

...and the sorrow.

Lee Harper - Parva sub ingenti, 2011-Installation & text views.(Pink Dress)

Lee Harpers installation ...and the sorrow... will be a powerful grouping of coverings and garments which respond to the theme of Forced Adoption in Tasmania. Utilising uniforms, veils and baby blankets, sensitive poetic and considered texts will be embroidered on to each object transforming them into statements reflecting the mood and emotion of the contemporary community and the acknowledgement of a shamed practice.


14/11/2013 - 12/12/2013

Toby Muir Wilson


Toby Muir Wilson - midlands cabinet openThis exhibition will consist of twelve boxes and investigates people’s interaction with their physical environment and the idea of anniversary. Toby will display work which has evolved out of over forty years of his involvement in wood design and crafts areas. His arts based practice takes inspiration from the visual landscape, a passion inspired by some of his teachers including John Makepeace, Howard Raybould and David Nash. The range of techniques and skills he has learnt will be showcased through distinct narratives for each of the boxes and the person or institution associated with it.


19/12/2013 - 30/01/2014

Amber Koroluk-Stephenson & Aden Narkowicz

Forged Environments (working title)

Amber K S - Strangers 2011, oil on Canvas, 112 x 137cm

Aden N - Alluere (Princes Wharf Catenary Lighting), 2010-11, with Elizabeth Barnett, site documentation of live interactive kinetic light work

The exhibition collaboration, Forged Environments, will examine the shaping and transformation of landscapes in Tasmania through the process of habitation. The artists will investigate the emergence of artificial landscapes that result from the structuring and creation of urban habitats. Thier work will identify patterns and formulae inherent within these landscapes that contrast with the modelling of their natural state. In doing this, they will attempt to deconstruct traditional representations of the landscape.