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Experience the Feelings – Emotions
Water Patterns

Prints by Selwyn Stein 


Artist statement

I have always had a deep fascination with water and the patterns it creates. Patterns created by oceans, lakes, rivers and rain, or on fixed or shifting structures. With the help of other natural elements, these patterns are expressive of my life force.

To all people, pattern - whether stagnant or moving - will leave a different mark by which each individual will react. I explore how this patterning affects the way I think and behave, by creating a body of work which reflects my views and feelings about life in relationship to specific bodies of water.

Using the discipline of Printmaking to focus on the perpetually changing patterns created by or reflected in natural bodies of water, I explore the beauty and intricacies of such patterning and how its hypnotic powers affect me as an individual both emotionally and spiritually.

Image construction utilises layering within the image and also explores a range of printing techniques including woodcuts, collographs, etchings and screen prints. Water is used in combination with oil based pigments to create patterns which parallels themselves with human life from birth. Also how, on an emotional level, this ever changing patterning creates many varied moods, feelings and states of mind.  These range from a euphoric state of happiness, to the meditative calmness and tranquillity of peace of mind, to the agitated and tormented state of anger and that of frustration, depression, suicide and death.


Image: Molecules 5, 2007 (woodcut) - Selwyn Stein
Photograph: Courtesy of the artist