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Stack of monographs

Tasmanian Monograph Series

In late 2003, the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board (TAAB) agreed that Arts Tasmania would undertake a publication project to raise the profile of selected prominent Tasmanian artists. Commencing in 2004 for the Tasmanian Bicentenary year, and continuing in subsequent years, the Tasmanian Monograph series has come to fruition with the launch of the first monograph in August 2004 coinciding with Tasmanian Living Artists' Week.

This series will provide an enduring tribute to the work of Tasmania's prominent contemporary artists, and will develop Tasmania's reputation as an island of culture and creativity by providing high quality books on Tasmanian artists that will be suitable for reference for use in secondary education, and for purchase by the general public.

The Tasmanian Monograph series will also assist with filling the absence of quality published material on Tasmanian artists, while making it easier to deliver Tasmanian school curriculum requirements in relation to studies of local artists.

Nominations for selection of an artist for a Tasmanian Monograph come through a process of identifying a long list of living artists, and asking members of the TAAB and peer assessment panels to vote for their five top recommendations against the following criteria:

  • the artist has outstanding achievement in the areas of creativity, innovation, originality and professionalism
  • the artist is seen to be of national significance and has had substantial critical recognition of their work
  • the artist has created a substantial body of work suitable for a “retrospective” examination by such a publication
  • the artist is identified as Tasmanian, and has undertaken a significant amount of their creative output in Tasmania
  • the publication of a monograph on the artist's work would be of significant benefit to the community and suitable for educational purposes.

The selection is made from several thousand practising artists.