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Philip Wolfhagen Monograph

Philip Wolfhagen: A Tasmanian Monograph is the second in a series of monographs focusing on the work of prominent Tasmanian artists. It is a 64-page, full-colour book celebrating the distinctive work of Tasmanian landscape painter Philip Wolfhagen.

The monograph series profiles Tasmanian artists in quality publications that are suitable for reference for use in secondary education, and for purchase by the general public.

Philip Wolfhagen is the second Tasmanian artist to receive recognition as a 'Treasured Tasmanian' in the Tasmanian Monograph series publications. Philip is truly an inspirational Tasmanian artist, whose works are highly sought after locally, nationally and internationally.

"One thing an artist can do is to stretch our collective vision by convincing us of the value of what we had previously passed by, not merely by drawing our attention to it, but by placing it in a broader cultural and social context: that is, by giving it meaning." Peter Timms

Philip's remarkable gift of portraying the uniqueness of the Tasmanian landscape, and in particular his sensitivity to the region around Longford, where he was brought up and has now returned to live and paint, is beautifully articulated in this glorious full-colour monograph.

"Philip Wolfhagen's landscapes are not only about places, but about the passing of time - the way places change, and the ways they change us and our comprehension of them. They suggest that instead of searching for new ways to understand our relationship to the land, as people often say we should, we need to revive and reinvigorate the old ones: to reinhabit our histories." Peter Timms

Philip Wolfhagen, with text by Peter Timms, is published and distributed by Thames and Hudson under its Craftsman House imprint.

Philip Wolfhagen