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Arts Tasmania's Peer Register

Peers and peer assessment

Each year, Arts Tasmania delivers funding to arts organisations, individual artists and small museums and collections across Tasmania. Peer assessment is fundamental to the decision making process. It ensures that government investment is directed to artists and organisations whose proposals demonstrate the highest degree of quality against the published assessment criteria, in competition with those of other applicants and within available funding.

In 2015, Arts Tasmania introduced a two-stage assessment process for its Organisations Investment Program and Artist Investment Program. This process has been reviewed and updated based on feedback received from applicants and assessors.

Both programs will retain the two-stage assessment process but applicants will now only need to make a single submission to Arts Tasmania. The first stage of assessment will be undertaken by artform-specific peer assessors. These peers will be drawn from the Arts Tasmania Peer Register.

Anyone with relevant expertise can self-nominate to join the Arts Tasmania peer register. Once on the peer register, peers can be called upon to assist in the assessment of applications relevant to their artform and experience. The peer register allows for greater diversity and breadth of peer involvement in Arts Tasmania's processes.

A peer is anyone who has relevant knowledge or experience of the arts to make a fair and informed assessment of applications submitted for Arts Tasmania's various investment programs. This knowledge and experience could include experience as a professional practising artist, arts worker or industry expert in one or more artforms.

In order to be considered as a peer you must be able to confirm you have professional experience in the arts in at least one of the following roles:

  • Professional artist – any person who creates or gives expression to works of art. While you may not regularly earn income from your practice, you must be identified and recognised by your peers as a practising artist.
  • Arts worker – a person who works in the arts sector and contributes to the processes of making and sharing art, but is not necessarily an artist.
  • Industry expert – a person with specialist knowledge or skills who works in collaboration with or supports artists, arts workers or arts education.

What do peers do?

Peers participating in assessment will review a selection of applications received for the round they have been invited to assess. Peers do not assess full applications, only a brief project or program outline addressing the criterion of quality. Peers will not be required to review budgets or business plans. Peers assess 100 per cent on the quality of the artistic idea behind the project or program or service to the arts.

The role of the peer is to recommend which applications should progress to the second stage of assessment. Each peer will score the applications against the published assessment criterion of quality, and make recommendations to the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board (TAAB) to approve which applicants should progress to the second stage.

For more detailed information on the role of peers, please go to information for peers.

Being on the Peer Register does not automatically mean peers will be selected to assess applications in any particular assessment round. The TAAB will select a variety of peers for each round from a shortlist compiled by Arts Tasmania staff to determine the best mix of artform knowledge required for that particular round.

How do you register to become a peer?

From November 2014, Arts Tasmania has maintained a Peer Register: a database of people who have nominated their interest in being a peer assessor for one of Arts Tasmania's programs of investment. Artists, arts workers and industry experts such as museums professionals can sign up to the register using the Peer Register Nomination form.

The Peer Register Nomination Form can be completed at any time.

You do not have to be a Tasmanian resident to be on the Peer Register. We encourage people with relevant experience based in other states to apply.

Arts Tasmania encourages those registering for the Arts Tasmania Peer Register to also consider self-nominating to the Register of Peers maintained by the Australia Council for the Arts. This can be accessed via the Australia Council for the Arts online system.

Who to contact

  • If you are having difficulty completing your nomination form please email
  • If you want to know more about assessing for a particular artform or Arts Tasmania's programs of investment, please contact the relevant program officer.
  • If you have a question about the new peer assessment process, please email


Nominations to Arts Tasmania's Peer Register are made using our online application website.

You will need to register an account or login with an existing account before being able to open the online form.

Arts Tasmania - Peer Register Nomination form

If you require a document in an alternate format please contact us.