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Arts Tasmania will provide services on request to assist applicants in overcoming any special difficulties in applying for Arts Tasmania’s programs of assistance.
These may take the form of interpretive services if English is not your first language or other services to ensure equity for all applicants.

If you would like to discuss the information in any Arts Tasmania publication or website in your native language, please contact the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450 (at the cost of a local call) and ask to speak to Arts Tasmania.

If you would like our information to be made more accessible to you through provision in a different electronic format (such as rich text) please contact a program officer at Arts Tasmania on (03) 6165 6666 or

Please contact an Arts Tasmania program officer to discuss any particular requirements you may have prior to lodging your application.

If your project involves Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and cultural content, multicultural arts, arts and disability or youth arts, your application may need to meet special requirements. You may need to consult with the relevant group and submit additional material. For more information please refer to Arts Tasmania’s social inclusion principles or contact a program officer.