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Information for Roving Curator time recipients

If your application is successful you will receive a notification pack from Arts Tasmania in the post. Please ensure that you keep Arts Tasmania up to date if your postal address changes whilst you are waiting for notification.

The notification pack includes the following documents:

  • A confirmation letter from the Minister for the Arts
  • A confirmation letter from the Director of Arts Tasmania
  • A deed for you to sign

Checking your deed

Please read your deed as it contains information relating to the Conditions of Roving Curator Time and details any special conditions that may apply.

Please check the conditions carefully as failure to meet the conditions contained within could preclude payment of future grants or the allocation of future time with the Roving Curators.

Once you have checked your deed, please confirm acceptance by signing and dating the deed and returning it to Arts Tasmania, 146 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

Your signed deed and any other required documentation should be returned to Arts Tasmania within 21 days of receipt. If we do not receive the signed deed within this time, the offer will lapse without further notice. If you believe you will have difficulties in returning the deed within 21 days please contact Arts Tasmania on 03 6165 6666 as soon as possible.

We suggest that you retain a copy of the deed for your records.

Special conditions

Special conditions need to be met before the allocated roving curator time can commence. If any special conditions apply to your investment, they will be listed on the schedule of the deed. Special conditions could include, for example, a request for more information or a revision of your program.

If you have special conditions you need to meet before your investment can begin, you can provide this information to Arts Tasmania when you return the signed copy of your deed.

If you would like to discuss a special condition that has been placed on your investment, please contact a program officer on 6165 6666.

Promoting your supported activities

Wherever possible, please publicise any events associated with the Roving Curator’s project with your collection, both to highlight your own project and raise the profile of the arts and movable cultural heritage within Tasmania generally.

Artists’ Media Kit

Arts Tasmania has prepared a comprehensive Artist’s Media Kit for you to use. Although this was designed with Individual artists, I mind, it contains lots of tips and useful information on how to get free publicity relevant to collections. A copy of the kit can be downloaded from:

Media releases

Please send a copy of your media release to:


You are required to use the Tasmanian State Government logo on all your promotional material, preceded by the words “Supported by”.

The logo can be downloaded from:

Written credits should include the phrase: “This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts”.

Notification of events

Arts Tasmania would like the opportunity to send representatives, especially members of the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board and its panels, to any events associated with an Arts Tasmania investment. Invitations to events should be forwarded to Arts Tasmania by mail or email, with plenty of notice, specifying the staff or members you wish to invite.

Changing your plan

We understand that circumstances can change and that you might need to vary your project. You must always discuss a planned change with a program officer or Roving Curator before it occurs as you may be required to seek formal approval from the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board. You should not proceed with a planned change until you have received written confirmation from Arts Tasmania.

Reasonable operational variations, may not require a formal variation approval from the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board. In cases where changes are not material they can be approved by a program officer or Roving Curator immediately. Where an urgent change is required, the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board will take into consideration the project timeline. Recipients of Roving Curator time should note that in 2015, extensions to projects may not be approved, and that cancellation of Roving Curator time without notice may mean that the day of Roving Curator time may be forfeited. If a project is behind schedule, and an extension is requested, the Small Museums and Collections Panel may recommend that the project be curtailed, and that further dates to complete the project be requested in the following year’s program.

Conditions of Roving Curator Time

Roving curator time is dependent on your acceptance of the formal Conditions of Assistance that are contained in the deed that you are required to sign prior  to receiving  the time.

Amongst other things, these conditions relate to acquittal requirements, variation approvals and acknowledgement requirements.

In summary, in signing the deed you undertakes to:

  • apply the assistance to the purpose approved
  • provide a detailed evaluation and statistical acquittal report on the funded project or program within three months of its completion or the end of the time period (see acquitting your Roving Curator Time)
  • provide Arts Tasmania, in writing, with any information requested relating to the project/program funded
  • seek approval from Arts Tasmania for material changes in the program before implementing them (see changing your plan or budget)
  • prominently acknowledge investment from Arts Tasmania for the project/program. This acknowledgment should appear in reports, media releases, posters, newsletters, brochures, advertisements, catalogues and other material
  • provide Arts Tasmania with comprehensive details and adequate advance notice (at least two weeks) of events related to the supported program or project
  • observe any special conditions included in the assessment of the application
  • acknowledge that acceptance of the roving curator time does not commit Arts Tasmania to future support
  • complete the project/program within the time frame as stated in the application and as agreed to by Arts Tasmania
  • warrant that the organisation is financially solvent. The onus is on applicants to satisfy Arts Tasmania of their financial viability to meet the contractual obligations. An applicant should not proceed with an application if they are unable to provide acceptable evidence of their organisation’s financial viability.

Acquitting your investment

If you receive, or have received roving curator time, you will be required to complete an acquittal report within three months of the project’s completion. Arts Tasmania will accept acquittal reports that have been formatted for federal funding bodies, provided they include all necessary information.

If you have an overdue or incomplete acquittal you will not be able to apply for further investment from Arts Tasmania.

You can download the current acquittal form from

Your acquittal will include:

An evaluation report explaining what you actually did in your project or program and how successful it was.

A statistical report that details the number of public events, attendances, employment and other indicators.