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Information for unsuccessful applicants

Arm’s length funding and peer-group decision-making

The Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board operates on two interrelated principles: arm’s length funding and peer-group assessment and decision-making. The arm’s length funding principle refers to the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board maintaining a distance from the day-to-day business of Government.

The arm’s length funding principle goes hand-in-hand with the principle of peer-group assessment and decision-making. The board, its panels and committees are independent of the artists and arts organisations they assist.

The majority of panel members are practising artists, arts workers or people who have practised in the arts. This means that they bring practical knowledge and experience of their artforms to the board. Other members, such as community representatives or people with expertise in relevant areas, also contribute their knowledge to the decision making process.

The Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board reviews the panel’s recommendations and then makes final recommendations to the Minister for the Arts.

Reconsideration of decision

The Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board (the board) may reconsider a decision at the request of an applicant if the applicant can demonstrate a proven conflict of interest, error in process or discrimination.

The board does not make public the reasons for its decisions but may provide some specific feedback to applicants.

If applicants have reason to believe that the proper process was not followed in assessment of an application, a request for review of the decision may be submitted. Any such appeal is considered at the next meeting of the board.

Grounds for appeal are:

  1. The persons making the decision had a direct or indirect pecuniary interest in the outcome of the application.
  2. The preparation of the application was affected adversely by incorrect advice provided by a staff member of Arts Tasmania.
  3. The persons making the recommendations discriminated against the applicant on irrelevant grounds, such as cultural, religious or linguistic background; race; gender; marital status; sexual orientation; or disability.

All requests must be in writing and should be addressed to the Chair, Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board. The board cannot consider information that has become available since the application was considered.

The closing date for requests for review of decisions is three weeks from the date of the advice from Arts Tasmania relating to the outcome of your application Program officers are available to discuss details of the process.

Staff of Arts Tasmania

The program officers at Arts Tasmania fulfil wide-reaching roles in arts industry development, planning and implementation. They provide advice and information on arts issues and administer the grant program. Program officers can provide applicants with advice in preparing grant applications. They do not have any involvement in the assessment or approval of grants.