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Lynne Stacpoole Caring for Your Collection Grant Program

The Lynne Stacpoole Caring for Your Collection grant program invests in small museums and collections through grants for the purchase of capital items to assist with the preservation or display of collections.

This program is able to be offered through the generosity of the previous Chair of the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board's Small Museums and Collections Panel, Ms Stacpoole, who has donated funds to Arts Tasmania specifically for this program.

A new matching grant as part of this program allows larger capital items of $3 000 or greater to be purchased, using $1 000 of donated funds, $1 000 of state government funds, and a minimum of $1 000 of funding from the applicant museum's community.

Key dates

Opens: 3 July 2016
Closes: 1 November 2016
Notification: March 2017

Who can apply?

Smaller community collections and museums that are Tasmanian-based and publicly accessible. Whilst any definition of what constitutes a "smaller community collection or museum" is likely to have limitations in its application, for the purposes of this program, it is deemed to be those that have less than one full time equivalent paid staff (1 FTE = one full time position = 38 hours per week).

For other eligibility requirements, please visit general eligibility.

Who can't apply?

  • Small museums and collections that are not Tasmanian-based and/or not publicly accessible.
  • Museums and collections with paid staff hours that total more than one full time equivalent.
  • Privately owned, state government or federal government collections.
  • Organisations currently in receipt of funding under the state government's Program category of the Cultural Heritage Program.
  • Individuals, partnerships, collaborations and unincorporated groups.
  • Museums, galleries and collections where the collection is not substantially made up of movable cultural heritage objects - for example lending libraries, archives or built heritage.

If you have previously received a grant or loan from Arts Tasmania that has not been satisfactorily acquitted you are not eligible to apply to this program.

How much can you apply for?

This program offers two grants of up to $1 000 each per year, and one matching grant of up to $2 000, which is matched to up to $1 000 of funds that you raise from the community.

For the grants of up to $1 000, if your capital item(s) totals more than $1 000, you must be able to cover the remaining cost from your own funds or other funding sources.

If you apply for the matching grant of up to $2 000, you will need to be able to raise half of the requested grant amount from your community, towards the purchase your capital item(s). (for example, your item costs $2,400, you apply to Arts Tasmania for $1,600 and raise $800 of community funds.)  Your item(s) can be worth more than $3 000, but you must be able to cover the remaining cost from your own funds or other funding sources. Applicants applying for the matching grant must contact an Arts Tasmania program officer to discuss their application prior to submitting the application.

The matching grant will only be awarded if you reach the community funds target within 12 months – the grant will be forfeited if the target is not met. You can raise the funds through a variety of methods such as donations, raffles, fundraising activities or events, crowdfunding, grants from other bodies, donations from other community groups, cash sponsorship from businesses or funding from council.  Funds cannot be sourced from the applicant organisation’s own funds.

How does GST affect what you can apply for?

If you are registered for GST

The budget (or listing of items) that you provide in your application should be exclusive of GST. Then, if you are successful, you will invoice us for the grant amount plus GST (eg $1 100 if you apply for $1 000).

If you are not registered for GST

If you are not GST registered, the budget (or listing of items) that you provide in your application should include GST as this is part of the cost of the project. If you are not GST registered and successful, you will invoice us for the exact grant amount.

What you can apply for?

These grants are to be used for the purchase of capital items that will assist with the preservation or display of collections. In addition, delivery and installation costs of the capital item are also eligible.

Examples of items that could be supported through this program include:

  • Showcase items – such as plinths, display cases, custom mounts or a mannequin
  • Environmental control equipment – such as a dehumidifier, UV filters or blinds
  • Storage units – such as shelving, or map drawers
  • Electronic equipment for the display of your collection – such as a data projector or flat screen television
  • Audio recorder (oral histories)

You cannot apply for 

  • Investment towards a purchase that has already taken place
  • Capital items that do not assist with the preservation or display of collections– such as a photocopier or new chairs
  • Operational costs
  • Saleable assets such as publications or items for sale in the museum shop

Please speak to an Arts Tasmania program officer if you are unsure about the eligibility of your application.

How many projects can I apply for?

Your collection may only make one application to the Lynne Stacpoole Caring for Your Collection Grant Program per year. This does not affect your ability to apply to any other Arts Tasmania program.

Against what criteria will my application be assessed?

Your application will be assessed against the criteria of quality and reach. There are a number of indicators of quality that the assessment panel may take into consideration. You are not required to address these indicators one by one but you must demonstrate how they are reflected in your project:

Quality – 50 per cent weighting

The quality of the proposal's aims, content, and rationale in accordance with current museum practice and the capacity to manage and implement the proposal, including the calibre of the personnel involved.

Reach – 50 per cent weighting

Will the purchase of the capital item increase access to the collection?

The assessment guidelines are a useful resource that details what peers may consider in assessing your application.

Who will assess my application?

Applications will be assessed by the Cultural Heritage Panel and Lynne Stacpoole.

What do I submit as my application?

All applications must include:

Applications may also optionally include a maximum of three pages or items of additional material that supports the rationale for the purchase of the capital item. This could include items such as photos, plans, an excerpt from a preservation needs assessment, relevant confirmation letters or a written reference that demonstrates your ability to successfully complete the project and its merits.

If your project involves Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander content, your application must include evidence of consultation with the relevant community (refer to

If you are unsure about how to appropriately consult with community please contact Arts Tasmania’s Aboriginal Arts Program Officer, Denise Robinson.

Please note that excess support material will not be accepted.

Visit support material for information relating to accepted formats.

When do I submit my application?

Applications to the Lynne Stacpoole Caring for Your Collection grant program close on Tuesday, 1 November 2016.

How do I submit my application?

Your Lynne Stacpoole Caring for Your Collection application form must be submitted using the online application form before 11:59 pm on the due date – Tuesday, 1 November 2016.

Electronic submission of support material as attachments to the application form is preferred but files may be submitted on CDs, DVDs or USB drives if necessary. 

Postal submissions of CDs, DVDs or USBs must be made to: Arts Tasmania, 146 Elizabeth St, Hobart TAS 7000 (postmarked before or on the due date).

For more information relating to making your submission, please visit how to apply.

When will I be notified of the outcome of my application?

You will be advised of the outcome of your application in March 2017.

Help with your application

We recommend you seek advice from a program officer before submitting your application. Program officers are a useful source of information and can provide advice on your application at  any stage of the process.

Program officer Cathryn Gurrin is available to discuss your application.

You can make an appointment with Cathryn for a face-to-face meeting or contact her directly via phone or e-mail.

Due to the number of programs operated by Arts Tasmania, there is great demand for program officers' time and therefore contact time with a program officer is limited.

The application form

Applications to the Lynne Stacpoole Caring for your Collection grant program must be made using our online application form. Click on the link below to start a new application.

You will need to register an account or login with an existing account before being able to open the online form.

To continue an existing saved application please log in here:

Types of investment available for small museums and collections

See the programs and key dates page to see all investment options available to  small museums and collections.

Other information 

Equity for information relating to services provided by Arts Tasmania to assist applicants in overcoming any special difficulties in applying for Arts Tasmania's programs of investment.

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