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Organisations Investment Program

Applications to the 2018 Organisations Investment Program are currently closed.

Notification of successful applications will occur in August 2017.

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Key dates

Opens: 19 December 2016
Closes: 24 March 2017
First stage notification: May 2017
Second stage notification: August 2017

Arts Tasmania's Organisations Investment Program supports arts organisations to deliver a range of high quality arts activities that strengthen Tasmania's robust, diverse and vibrant arts sector, engage and inspire audiences and the wider community, and benefit Tasmania's professional artists and arts workers.

There are three categories of investment available for arts organisations under this program:

Who can apply?

  • Organisations based in Tasmania
  • Organisations conducting a project in Tasmania. The outcomes of the project need to be based in Tasmania or provide direct benefit for Tasmanian artists.

For other eligibility requirements, please visit general eligibility.

Who can't apply?

  • Individuals, partnerships and other unincorporated bodies

What can I apply for?

Funded activities can include exhibitions, productions, concerts, literary magazines, publications, touring, arts activities within festivals, industry development, audience development, or community cultural development projects.

At the earliest, projects and programs may commence in September of the year in which you lodged your funding application. Part of the project must take place in the funded program year (for example, if you receive a 2018 Organisations Investment Program project grant, your project may begin in November 2017 and conclude in October 2018). Applicants may choose project periods of up to 12, 18 or 24 months.

You cannot apply for projects or activities that do not involve or benefit professional artists or arts workers, do not have a clearly defined arts component or that have already taken place.

Application and assessment process

Your application must be submitted online.

The Organisations Investment Program has a two-stage assessment process.

Stage one

Artform-specific peers, drawn from the Arts Tasmania Peer Register, will assess your application alongside relevant artform members of the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board and/or the Organisations Investment Panel.

Peers will assess all applications against the criterion of quality. They will focus on the artistic idea behind your project or program and your organisation's creative vision.

Interstate peers will be drawn upon as required but there will always be a balance between local and interstate assessors. In the case of multi-artform or cross-artform applications, the peers will be selected to ensure appropriate artform representation.

If your application is endorsed by the peers then it will progress to the second stage of assessment.

Stage two

Applications endorsed to proceed to the second stage will be assessed by a multi-artform panel against the criteria of quality and reach. After the panel has assessed the applications, the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board reviews and endorses the panel’s assessment and makes a recommendation to the Minister for the Arts, who has final approval of all arts funding.

Help with your application

We recommend you seek advice from a program officer before submitting your application. Program officers are a useful source of information and can provide advice on your application at any stage of the process.

Program officer Ashlee Irwin is available to discuss your application relating to visual arts, craft, design, contemporary music or community arts and cultural development.

Program officer Kate Mackie is available discuss to discuss your application relating to performing arts, music or writing.

You can make appointments with the program officers for  face-to-face meetings or contact them directly via phone or email.

Please note that Arts Tasmania will not contact you to redress errors in applications or support material. Applications and support material will be assessed as they have been submitted.

Other information

See the programs and key dates page to see all investment options available to organisations and small museums and collections.

Equity for information relating to services provided by Arts Tasmania to assist applicants in overcoming any special difficulties in applying for Arts Tasmania's programs of investment.