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2018 Invested Arts Organisations – Programs

The Invested Arts Organisations - Programs category is part of Arts Tasmania's Organisations Investment Program. It is for organisations seeking investment towards an annual program or a guarantee against loss.

Key dates

Opens: 19 December 2016
Closes: 24 March 2017
First stage notification: May 2017
Second stage notification: August 2017

General information

How much can I apply for?

Invested Arts Organisations seeking investment towards an annual program may apply for a maximum investment of 60 per cent of their total cash income budget for their first funded application under this program and 55 per cent for all subsequent applications.

Up to 20 per cent of your income budget can be made up of in-kind contributions. To help you calculate the amount you can apply for we have developed an Invested Arts Organisations calculator. The calculator page also includes information about calculating income in relation to financial auspicing, production auspicing and box office income.

Arts Tasmania expects that arts professionals are paid fairly for their work. The Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board has developed guidelines for anyone employing or engaging professional artists. Organisations should include artist fees in application budgets. Click here to read the guidelines.

When can my program commence?

At the earliest, programs may commence in September of the year in which you lodged your funding application. A portion of the program for which you are seeking investment must occur within the calendar year after which the grant round is named.

What do I submit in my application?

All applications must include:

  • CVs for key artistic personnel (up to two pages per person)      
  • a maximum of ten items of artistic support material (artistic support material does not count towards page limits)      
  • a business plan, including your marketing plan
  • a program budget - Arts Tasmania prefers you provide a budget using our Excel budget template
  • a copy of your organisation's most recent audited financial reports if you are seeking investment of $50 000 or more (audited financials do not count towards page limits)      
  • a Disability Action Plan (this will not count towards the page limit).      

Your application may include:

  • letters or emails of confirmation relating to financial or significant in-kind support; or proposed venues      
  • a maximum of two letters of support that demonstrate your ability to successfully complete the program and its merits      
  • a maximum of two items/pages of relevant promotional materials such as flyers or programs.      

It is not mandatory to provide confirmations of resources, venues or people involved in the program the time of application. However, Arts Tasmania may request confirmations of artists, venues or resources at any stage during the process.

If financial support, key artists or venues involved in your program are not confirmed at the time of application, please provide details of contingency plans.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content

If your project involves Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander content, your application must include evidence of consultation with the relevant community (refer to

If you are unsure about how to appropriately consult with community please contact Arts Tasmania’s Aboriginal Arts Program Officer, Denise Robinson.

How much information to provide

Your application has character limits in each of the required fields. These character limits are the equivalent of the following pages limits per section:

Section                   Character limit                   Equivalent in pages                  
Program overview                   8 000 2 A4 pages in size 11 font
Reach                   8 000 2 A4 pages in size 11 font

Support material and attachments to your application must not exceed 45 pages. Excess pages will not to be forwarded to the peers or panel for assessment.

  • All attachments and links should be clearly labelled.      
  • The files attached to your application cannot exceed 5 megabytes each.      
  • If files exceed 5 megabytes, these need to be provided through web links, e.g., Dropbox or YouTube.      
  • Please ensure the files provided can be accessed across different platforms (both PC and MAC) without the need for special software.      

How will my application be assessed?

We strongly recommend you read the relevant assessment guidelines for more information on how the criteria will be considered at the two stages of assessment.

When completing your application form, you will have the option of nominating your organisation as an arts organisations or a service organisation. Arts organisations will be assessed on artistic quality, whilst service organisations will be assessed on quality of service. Please review both sets of  assessment  guidelines  before submitting your application to ensure that you are assessed against those most relevant to your organisation.

Stage one

During the first stage of assessment your application will be assessed against a single criterion – quality.

Peers will review the program overview, artist CVs and artistic support material.

There are a number of indicators of quality that peers may take into consideration. You are not required to address these indicators one by one but you must demonstrate how they are reflected in your program.

For organisations that choose to be assessed against the artistic quality criterion, peers may consider:

  • Strength of the artistic concept, artistic practice, arts experiences and opportunities for arts practitioners      
  • Creativity - imagination and originality      
  • Progression - organisation and/or program development, fresh artistic approaches, experimentation and risk      
  • Currency - timeliness, relevance and positioning in contemporary culture and/or sector.      

For service organisations that choose to be assessed against the quality of service criterion, peers may consider:

  • Strength of service to the arts and opportunities for arts practitioners      
  • Progression – organisation and/or program development/consolidation fresh approaches, experimentation and risk      
  • Rigour – the thoroughness of the rationale, creative development/consolidation and/or research.      

Stage two

If your application progresses to the second stage of assessment, it will be assessed by the multi-artform Organisations Investment Panel against the criteria quality (80 per cent) and reach (20 per cent).


There are a number of indicators of reach that the panel may take into consideration. You are not required to address these indicators one by one but you must demonstrate how they are reflected in your program:

  • Audience - numbers, marketing strategy, diversity and connection      
  • Engagement - participation, access, involvement of the public and/or specific audience or market sectors.      

Remember that reach is about the quality, depth and breadth of your interaction with your audiences and market sectors, not just about the number of attendees or participants.

How do I submit my application?

Your application form must be completed online before 11:59 pm on Friday, 24 March 2017.

Relevant supporting documents should be submitted as attachments to or links in your online application form.

Please note: If you are unable to submit electronically, please contact a program officer before the closing date to discuss making a hardcopy submission.

Material received after the closing date will not be considered.

For more information relating to making your submission, please visit how to apply.

What happens after the first stage of assessment?

Your will be advised if your application has been endorsed to progress to the second stage of assessment in May 2016.

If your application is endorsed, you will not be required to submit any more information.

If you are unsuccessful at the first stage, you will receive general feedback on your application that indicates how the assessors responded to it in relation to the criterion of quality.

The Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board has determined that there will be no appeals process for the first stage of assessment.

Other information

See programs and key dates for all investment options available to organisations.

Equity for information relating to services provided by Arts Tasmania to assist applicants in overcoming any special difficulties in applying for Arts Tasmania's programs of investment.


Applications to the 2018 Organisations Investment Program are currently closed.

Notification of successful applications will occur in August 2017.

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