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The Arts Tasmania Claudio Alcorso International Residency

The Arts Tasmania Claudio Alcorso International Residency program is offered in partnership with the Alcorso Foundation and supports individual artists working in any artform to undertake self-directed residencies and professional development opportunities overseas.

The residency will invest in creative excellence and support recipients to develop leadership capabilities. Arts Tasmania and the Alcorso Foundation encourage applications that focus on quality international creative and cultural exchange which will add value to the social and cultural fabric of Tasmania's  community. The intention of the residency is to stimulate and extend the practice of Tasmanian artists through accessing new knowledge or skills and for the recipients to then disseminate their experiences with others on their return to Tasmania.

Applications are currently closed.

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Key dates

There are two Arts Tasmania Claudio Alcorso International Residency rounds a year.

Round 1

Closes: 1 March 2017

Round 2

Closes: 1 September 2017

Notification for each round will occur eight weeks after the closing date.

Who can apply?

  • Individual artists based in Tasmania

For other eligibility requirements, please visit general eligibility.

What you can apply for?

The Arts Tasmania Claudio Alcorso International Residency program provides investment towards a variety of international opportunities which may include:

  • Masterclasses/workshops
  • Internships/mentorships
  • Other significant opportunities for professional development

You must clearly argue how the residency is critical to your professional practice. You will also be required to share your experiences upon return to Tasmania and must indicate in your application how you plan to do this.

You cannot apply for investment towards activities that do not involve professional artists or arts workers, do not have a clearly defined arts component or that have already taken place.

Some types of activities are not eligible for investment or are restricted. Be sure to read the general eligibility to make sure your project is suitable before applying.

How many times a year can I apply?

There are two Arts Tasmania Claudio Alcorso International Residency rounds a year.

You may only submit one Residency application per year as a solo artist.

How much can I apply for?

Individual artists working in any artform may apply for the following levels of investment:

  • $7 000 for projects of four weeks or more
  • $3 500 for projects of less than four weeks

Against what criteria will my application be assessed?

Your application will be assessed against the criteria of quality and reach.

Quality (70 per cent weighting)

The panel will consider factors including:

  • Strength of artistic concept and artistic practice
  • Creativity – imagination, originality
  • Progression – fresh artistic approaches, experimentation and creative challenge
  • Currency – timeliness in career, relevance to career development, potential for growth in practice
  • Capacity – calibre of personnel, resource and financial management, planning

Reach (30 per cent weighting)

The panel will consider factors including:

  • What are the outcomes of the project?
  • Audience/market, professional and career development – numbers, professional growth, marketing strategy, promotion, diversity, contexts and connection
  • Engagement – participation, access, involvement of peers, the public and/or specific audiences or market sectors

The assessment guidelines are a useful resource that details what peers may consider in assessing your application.

Who will assess my application?

Applications will be assessed by a multi-artform panel.

A representative of the Alcorso Foundation is included in the assessment panel for this residency.

What do I submit in my application?

All applications must include:

  • Confirmations from relevant organisations, residencies, mentors or artists
  • A completed budget using the budget section of the application form
  • A brief CV or biography for artists directly involved in your residency
  • A maximum of five items of artistic support material.

Applications may also include:

  • A maximum of two written references that demonstrate your ability to successfully complete the project and its merits.

If your project involves Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander content, your application must include evidence of permission granted by the relevant community (refer to

Please note that excess support material will not be accepted. All attachments should be listed on the support material cover page and each attachment should be clearly labelled.

Visit artistic support material for information relating to accepted formats.

How do I submit my application?

Your application form must be completed online before the round closing date.

Relevant supporting documents should be submitted as attachments to or links in your online application form.

Please note: If you are unable to submit electronically, please contact a program officer to discuss making a hardcopy submission before the closing date.

Material received after the closing date will not be considered.

For more information relating to making your submission, please visit how to apply.

When will I be notified of the outcome of my application?

You will be advised of the outcome of your application eight weeks (40 working days) after the closing date.

Help with your application

We recommend you seek advice from the Professional Development Officer before submitting your application. Arts Tasmania staff are a useful source of information and can provide advice on your application at any stage of the process.

Professional Development Officer Wendy Morrow is available to discuss your Residency application.

You can make an appointment with Wendy for a face-to-face meeting or contact her directly via phone or e-mail.

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Other types of investment

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