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Samuel Bosworth – solo exhibition, Moonah Arts Centre

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Man with the Tasmanian devil inside, Samuel Bosworth“Samuel Bosworth is one of my favourite artists. I have loved his work from the moment I first saw it around four years ago. I am well aware that the reasons I love Samuel’s work may only be partially related to the reasons he does it. One can approach it from a fine art perspective and it works in every way.  But the fact is that they do exhibit the traits of someone who is truly inventive, intelligent and seriously talented in visualising his world, not to mention the world he looks out on through photographs and even through the side of a tissue box which yielded the beautiful drawing with the beautiful title, Sydney on the Tissue Box.  Everything that comes into Samuel’s world is recorded, and expressed.” Seán Kelly, Arts Officer, Moonah Arts Centre.

Samuel Bosworth’s first solo exhibition was presented by the Moonah Arts Centre last year. His work is rich and colourful - and opens up a different perspective of the day-to-day things that we see - and don’t observe.

Samuel Bosworth creating a new workThe exhibition showcased Samuel’s artistic ability, and highlighted the unique way he sees the world, the value of those perceptions and the unique contribution Samuel makes to his community.

“Samuel makes art one day a week at Life Without Barriers. For him he makes art on Wednesday and on other days he does other things. Next day he probably joins the team, cleans up the city or has morning tea with his Mother Laura and next week, paints a picture of it.” Seán Kelly

The Black Glove (after Chagall), Samuel BosworthSamuel has been attending weekly art classes at Life Without Barriers with artist and tutor Jane Stanton. Jane saw potential in Samuel’s work and with support of the Life Without Barriers and the Moonah Arts Centre applied for support through Arts Tasmania’s Arts and Disability program.

The application was successful and the exhibition included over 80 new and retrospective works and included archival prints that were made from some of Samuel’s sketchbook drawings. The exhibition was attended by 428 people with many works purchased during the exhibition.

The exhibition and catalogue gave exposure to Samuel within the Life Without Barriers National Community – he won the National Disability Services Achievement Award for his work in December 2012.

Flowers by Samuel BosworthCongratulations to Life Without Barriers, who has provided Samuel with valuable support to not only make the work but also showcase it professionally and to Moonah Arts Centre which is well known for its arts and cultural diversity - showcasing work from different sectors of our community and using different artistic mediums.

Arts Tasmania’s Arts and Disability Grant Program aims to break down the social barriers to enable emerging artists like Samuel - reach their full potential.

Arts Tasmania believes in equal opportunity and acknowledges that people living with disability may require assistance to overcome the social barriers they may face to create, develop and showcase their art.

Prints from Samuel Bosworth’s Solo Exhibition are still available, contact Ian Davidson on 03 6236 7705 for more details.

Image credits:
Man with the Tasmanian devil inside, Samuel Bosworth.
Samuel Bosworth creating a new work.
The Black Glove (after Chagall), Samuel Bosworth
Flowers by Samuel Bosworth